Carlisle Chrysler NationalsWinners List

  • TALL Rock Auto
  • TALL Hagerty
  • TALL Corvette America
  • TALL Amsoil
  • TALL Meguiars
  • TALL Extang
  • TALL Classic Cars
  • TALL A&A Auto Parts
  • TALL Rock Auto
  • TALL Meguiars
  • TALL Hagerty
  • TALL Extang
  • TALL Corvette America
  • TALL Classic Cars
  • TALL Amsoil
  • TALL A&A Auto Parts

Winners List

Please note: Carlisle Events will no longer provide shipping of awards at no cost. After the show you may pick up your award during normal business hours at the Fairgrounds. Shipping for awards can be arranged here.

2018 Chrysler Nationals

2018 Chrysler Nationals Winners List
2018 Chrysler Nationals Special Awards

2017 Chrysler Nationals

2017 Chrysler Nationals Winners List
2017 Chrysler Nationals Special Awards

2016 Chrysler Nationals

2016 Chrysler Nationals Winners List

2015 Chrysler Nationals

2015 Chrysler Nationals Winners List

2014 Chrysler Nationals

2014 Chrysler Nationals Winners List

2013 Chrysler Nationals

2013 Chrysler Nationals Winners List

2012 Chrysler Nationals

2012 Chrysler Nationals Winners
Miss Carlisle: 1st - Chelsy Chaplin, 2nd - Kayla Meyers, 3rd – Brianne Roselle
Daisy Duke: 1st - Kaylia Cassandra, 2nd - Emily Kopp, 3rd - Karin Noelle
Burnout: Ron Bloszinsky (1973 Roadrunner)
Muscle Motors and Mopar Muscle Magazine Engine Giveaway: Gary Cribbs of Newville, PA

2011 Chrysler Nationals

2011 Chrysler Nationals Winners
2011 Chrysler Nationals Additional Awards
1999 Chrysler Sebring Giveaway: Alan Campbell of Randolph Center, VT

2010 Chrysler Nationals

Chrysler Winners List
Chrysler Nationals Club Awards
1965 Plymouth Valiant Giveaway: Dave Hineman of Bridgeport, WV
Burnout Winner: Michael Reichard - ’72 Plymouth Scamp
Miss Carlisle: 1st – Mariah Carroll of Lebanon, 2nd – Lauren Rowles of Carlisle, 3rd – Tiffany Masseur of Albany, WI
Muscle Motors and Mopar Muscle Magazine Engine Giveaway: Chris Ellis of Latrobe, PA

2009 All-Chrysler Nationals

All-Chrysler Winners List
All-Chrysler Nationals SME Winners

2008 All-Chrysler Nationals

All-Chrysler Winners List
All-Chrysler SME Winners List

2007 All-Chrysler Nationals

2007 Winners List

2006 All-Chrysler Nationals

2006 Winners List

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