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All About Cars

All About Cars

  • 2019 Honda Pilot_front_left

    2019 Honda Pilot: 8-seat Family Adventure SUV Gets Mid-Generation Restyling and New Tech Capabilities

    Thursday, Feb 21, 2019

    Since Honda Pilot was introduced to the public in 2002, as the first three-row, mainstream SUV to be developed on a car-like unit-body platform, it

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  • 2019_Acura_RDX_Front_left

    2019 Acura RDX: New Generation Changes Add Style, Power, Length, Performance

    Thursday, Feb 14, 2019

    Acura revamped and upleveled its luxury SUV lineup in 2001, when it replaced the SLX with a newly initialed mid-size crossover that was created to sup
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  • 2019-Buick-Envision-front_left

    2019 Buick Envision: Midsize Crossover Gains Freshening to Attract American Buyers

    Thursday, Feb 7, 2019

    Back in the day, major automakers would build and sell the majority of their vehicles in America, with a smattering of sales overseas. That is no long
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  • 2019 Toyota RAV4_front_right

    2019 Toyota RAV4: Shattering Perceptions of the Small SUV

    Thursday, Jan 31, 2019

    The original Toyota RAV4 arrived in the United States 22 years ago, casting the mold for a new industry segment, which evolved into the compact cro

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  • 2019_Genesis_G70_Front_right

    2019 Genesis G70: Luxury Brand Branches out with New 4-Door Compact Executive Performance Sedan

    Thursday, Jan 31, 2019

    In 2004, Hyundai chose to expand from the “econocar” ranks and enter the luxury market with Genesis, which was promoted as the first chapter of pre

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  • 2019_Ford_Ranger_front_left

    2019 Ford Ranger: Midsize Pickup is Back and it’s Tough, Sporty and Versatile

    Wednesday, Jan 16, 2019

    Pickup truck sales continue to increase – expected to exceed 2.8 million in US sales this year – and the midsize truck segment went over half-a-mil

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  • 2019-Mercedes-Benz_C-Class_Front_Left

    2019 Mercedes-Benz C300: Refreshened with Fluid Design and Added Power and Tech

    Wednesday, Jan 9, 2019

    Mercedes-Benz is on the move with new designs, enhanced interiors and exteriors. Going with creaseless, smooth architecture and luxurious cabins wi

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  • 2019_Jetta-Medium-7870

    2019 Volkswagen Jetta 1.4T: Fun to Drive, Larger and More Coupelike

    Wednesday, Jan 2, 2019

    We begin our coverage of 2019 models with the new, seventh-generation 2019 Volkswagen Jetta. VW’s best-selling car was once offered in sedan and ha

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  • 1.-Kia_Stinger-GT2_front_left

    2018 Car of the Year: Kia Stinger: New Sports Sedan is Powerful and Luxurious

    Wednesday, Dec 26, 2018

    Last week, our “Car Buy of the Year,” Top-10 list focused on the “best bang for the buck,” with the 2018 Hyundai Kona winning top honors. This week

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  • 1.-Hyundai-Kona_front_left

    2018 Car Buy of the Year: Hyundai Kona: Urban-Smart Compact CUV

    Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018

    For the 14th consecutive year, we finish up the model year in ALL ABOUT CARS with a Top-10 list consisting of the vehicles we tested and reviewed t

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  • 2017 Acura NSX: Twin Turbo Sports Car Deserves Supercar Consideration

    Thursday, Jan 12, 2017

    Automotive enthusiasts have a tendency to be excited by dynamic vehicles and often anoint them with the term “supercar.” This leads to what I perceive
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  • 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage: A ton of fun at 74 hp

    Thursday, Jan 5, 2017

    What weighs in at about one ton, has been redesigned with new front-end styling and a freshened rear bumper, sports an economical 74-hp engine and is
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