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All About Cars

All About Cars

The Top 25 [Most Overused] Phrases in The Collector Car Market

May 21, 2021, 09:50 AM by JP Emerson
So your in the market for a classic car.  Like any major purchase, doing your homework is imperative, but just in case your buddy with a killer set of tools gives you a hot tip about a cool car sitting on a lot or just waiting to be scooped up on line, here's a short list to help you understand exactly what you'll likely hear.

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 8.08.01 PM

Barn find = Needs more money thrown at it than it’s worth to us.

Matching numbers = The vin matches the title. Does it match the car?

100% Original and restored = huh?

Great floors = ridiculously applied amount of undercoat.

Investment grade = If you buy it for this price, your grade is “F”.

1 of (insert single digit here) = OK, so there were thousands of these made, but this is the only brown mustard colored, bench seat and radio delete car we have.

Completely documented = Reproduction owner’s manual included.

Stored in a private display for years = someone’s garage.

Less than XXXX miles on the odometer = since it seized up the last time.

Exceptionally original = we threw dirt on it.

Refreshed = power washed engine bay and added new pine tree air freshener.

Completely gone through = We couldn’t find the leak.

Factory correct = Every body panel has been replaced at least once but the paint color looks like something from the era.

The mileage on the clock is believed to be original = Probably not, but that’s what we’re saying.

Meticulously maintained by previous owner = They changed the oil once before listing for sale, never in the five years prior though.

Comes with service history = We found a receipt.

Undoubtedly = we don’t know. Trust us.

Two owner car = None of the previous brokers titled it over the last six years.

Original patina = as opposed to new patina?

Believed original = See “undoubtedly”.

Complete concours restoration last year by a famous restorer. = Don’t ask us who, we have no idea.

Frame off = quite an accomplishment with unibody cars.

Long history = We found more than one receipt.

NO RESERVE = What they meant was reservoir.. The car rolls but won’t stop.

Priced to move = It’s been on our lot for years and still no interest.

Photos (except for the one within the story) and text courtesy of JP Emerson and, automotive writer and host of the JP Emerson Show podcast.  That photo...a Google image from a Muppet Movie.     

About the Author:  JP Emerson is an award winning author & journalist whose bylines appeared in many of the most popular automotive magazines in the country. JP covers classic muscle cars and the people who own them with real stories from real owners relating everything from ownership, car shows, music, road trips and what everyone has in common regardless of brand.
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