Find natural, architectural and historical gems in our towns and villages, covered bridges, impressive barns and mills along our country roads and on the streets of our historic towns. Extend your stay in the area while visiting Carlisle Events and enjoy experiential scenic encounters at your own pace.

Perry County Covered Bridge & Wine Tour

Self-Guided Driving Tour

Perry County has fourteen covered bridges, four of these bridges have gone under extreme renovation. These bridges have a great historical value to our state.. After seeing the renovations on Books, Bistline, Adair's and Saville we hope that Perry County has the rest of the structures in their sights for future renovation. See history unfold and enjoy a self-paced driving experience.

Download: Covered Bridges of Perry County


South Central PA Countryside Loop

Self-Guided Driving Tour

On this route there are many hills and valleys. You will be traveling through a couple state parks and farmland and the views are spectacular. The beautiful state parks that you will pass through or pass by are: Cowans Gap State Park, Caledonia State Park, and Pine Grove Furnace State Park. If you like incline riding then this is for you as you go up at least three mountains.

Download: South Central PA Countryside Loop

Civil War in Carlisle with Augmented Reality

Self-Guided Walking Tour

Pick up a copy of the Civil War in Carlisle with Augmented Reality brochure at the Cumberland Valley Visitors Center, 33 W. High St., Carlisle. Use your smartphones or tablets to scan QR codes to bring up video, audio and clips of the town from the Civil War era. Experience the heart and history of the Civil War on the trails of Cumberland Valley PA. Discover the American Civil War and Confederate invasion where it happened.

Download: Civil War in Carlisle with Augmented Reality


5-day Motorin' Tour

Self-Guided Driving Tour

We have a soft spot for tricked-out, souped-up, meticulously-restored, jacked-up and everything in between automobiles. We also know that planning a trip can be some tricky business, especially when some attractions aren’t open daily, so we’ve created the ultimate, 5-day, perfectly tuned and tested trip to hit all the major automotive attractions for you. So pack a bag, grab your keys and take a cruise. TIP: Don’t forget to check the attraction listings for hours of operation.

Download: 5-day Motorin Tour

18th Century Architectural Tour

Self-Guided Walking Tour

In the 18th Century, architecture in Carlisle ranging from one story log cabins through elegant multi-story stone houses and taverns. The street layout of Carlisle is similar to that of central Philadelphia, not too surprising as the Penns were responsible for both towns. The main difference is that the surveyors of Carlisle planned a simple crossroads in the centre.

Download: 18th Century Architectural Tour


19th-Century Historic Boiling Springs Tour

Self-Guided Walking Tour

Boiling Springs is a unique 18th century iron industry settlement that became a 19th century village and recreational area. Its lake, shade trees, and 19th century homes, in a variety of architectural styles, attest to the village’s charm and historic significance. Boiling Springs was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in December, 1984.

Download: 19th-Century Historic Boiling Springs Tour

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