Celebrity Choice Award Parade on Sunday

One of the best parts of the Corvette weekend is spending time with some of the most relevant names in the Corvette hobby. What tops that? Having your ride chosen as a Celebrity Choice Award winner! Celebrity Choice judging will take place on Saturday of the event. All Corvettes registered for the Corvettes at Carlisle Fun Field, sponsored by Corvette America will be eligible to be selected as a celebrity choice winner.

If your car is chosen as a winner, the Celebrity will place a sticker on your windshield and you will be eligible to participate in the Sunday Awards Parade in front of the stage. During the parade, your name will be announced as you pull up to the stage to receive the award from the Miller family. The parade is a great photo-op for family and friends. It is a true honor to be selected by the some of the biggest names in the Corvette world! Carlisle Events will be taking pictures of each car as it drives through the parade. Don’t miss this opportunity to show the world your Celebrity Choice!

If you cannot attend the parade, your award can be picked up Sunday between 9:00-12:00 PM at Guest Services. Carlisle Events will no longer provide shipping of awards at no cost. After the show you may pick up your award during regular business hours at the fairgrounds or we will ship awards for $15 each. We hope you will join us on Sunday in celebrating the vehicles that are honored as winners!

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