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We’re assembling a display of factory 440 Darts and Barracudas to celebrate these extremely rare A-Bodies as they turn 50 in 2019. For 1969, 640 Darts were assembled and about 340 Barracudas with the coveted “M” as the fifth digit of the VIN. To honor these awesome A-Bodies, we’re looking for as many factory examples as we can find for a special indoor feature.

Mr. Norm and his crew proved that you could fit a big block in the slightly larger 1967 A-Bodies when they shoehorned a 383 into a ‘67 Dart. For ‘69, Chrysler decided to put their biggest engine (displacement-wise) in the Darts and Barracudas when they built the M-Code A-Bodies with the 440. These were full on street cars as opposed to the ‘68 Hemi Super Stockers and could be bought by anyone who knew which box to check on the order form.

If you have a factory 1969 440 A-Body, we would like to hear from you, regardless of its condition. We want a wide variety for this display including Survivors, Barn Finds, vintage drag cars, current drag cars and, of course, fully restored examples. To submit your M-Code A-Body for consideration, please complete the (Featured Vehicle Application - APPLY HERE). For questions or to share leads, please contact event planner Ed Buczeskie direct via e-mail today or call 717-960-6416.

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