We appreciate you coming to Carlisle! We’re glad to have you. To make your visit better than ever, we’ve compiled answers to commonly‐asked questions for your reference and convenience. Should you have additional questions, please let us know. As our guest, you are the most important part of the show. You may reach us at 717‐243‐7855.

Q: Which gate should I enter?

A: We ask that you pass through our main gate – Gate #3. You may enter 1000 Bryn Mawr Road, Carlisle PA 17013 into your GPS or an online mapping program to find it easily.

Q: What do I do with my window sticker?

A: Before you arrive at the gate, please place the window sticker on the driver’s side upper corner of your windshield.

Q: What if I forget/lose my Showfield window sticker??

A: Carlisle Events issues only one Showfield sticker and if lost/forgotten, you'll be required to purchase a replacement sticker. The cost will be equal to what you originally paid when registering for the show.

Q: Does the window sticker have to go on my Showfield car? What about my trailer or my tow vehicle?

A: Please do not put the sticker on any vehicle other than your show vehicle.

Q: After entering the gate, where do I go?

A: Our staff will be there to help you navigate to the designated parking area. You’ll be guided from the gate forward.

Q: Once parked, what next (e.g. where do I pick up my Goody Bag)?

A: Welcome to Carlisle! After your trip into town, you may be tired, thirsty or hungry. Make yourself at home. Also, once parked, you are welcome to proceed on foot to Guest Services which is located next to the grandstand. Once there, present your coupon/receipt for your Goody Bag and all other appropriate items (e.g. dash card). As applicable, your judging form will be available for pick up at this time as well.

Q: I’m new to Carlisle. What is the venue like and what is the overall fairground layout?

A: We’re glad to have you as our guest. In fact, we imagine this will be one of many future trips to Carlisle. Please see the map for an overview of the property on our website.

Q: May I place a ‘for sale’ sign on my car?

A: Unfortunately, no. “For sale” signs are not permitted on the Showfield. If you would like to sell your vehicle, please call 717‐243‐7855 to reserve a Car Corral space where the buyers that you will see will be shopping for cars. Many services are available to aid in the sales process (e.g. onsite notary and banking services ).

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