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How Car Shipping Works

You've found a great vehicle online and you can't wait to hop in and start driving. Only problem? It's located a couple states over, or completely cross country. How are you going to get this newly purchased set of wheels to your location? You can drive with a friend and pick it up yourself, but that can take a ton of time and energy. No, what you should do is use a car shipping company.

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When you enlist the service of an auto transport company, they'll pick up the car and do all the legwork needed to deliver it right to your front door. Take a look at how it works, and when you're ready to purchase that vehicle online you'll know exactly what to do.

1. Check the Price

As with any service, you want to know how much it will cost before you commit. Car shipping companies base their prices off of distance, transport method, type of vehicle being shipped, location and season. You can easily see how much it would cost to ship the vehicle you want on CarSoup by utilizing Montway's car shipping quote calculator.

2. Pick Your Transport Method

This refers to the kind of truck your car will be shipped on. There are two main types: open and enclosed. What you choose depends heavily on the kind of car you are purchasing. Enclosed transport is an ideal method for luxury or classic cars because the vehicle is protected from the elements and road debris. Open transport is the most common method of auto transport and is what most car dealerships use to ship new cars.

3. Schedule Your Shipment

When you have the price and transport method down, you can start planning your shipment. If you want your new car ASAP, you can call Montway directly at 888.666.8929 to have a specialist iron out all the details. You can also book online. The amount of time it takes depends heavily on the distance.

Take a look at these estimated transit times for schedule reference.

0-100 miles 1-2 days
300-600 miles 2-4 days
600-1000 miles 3-5 days
1000-1500 miles 4-6 days
1500-2000 miles 5-7 days
2000-2400 miles 6-8 days
2400 and up miles 8-10 days

4. Vehicle Pick Up

Once your order is placed, the trucker will pick your vehicle up from the owner or dealer. They will carefully load it onto the truck and ensure it is secure and safe. Both the trucker and seller will inspect the vehicle for any existing scratches or damages and document them all on a Bill of Lading.

5. Delivery

Finally, your new car is dropped off at your location. The trucker will call you hours in advance to let you know they are close. Once it arrives you will inspect the vehicle with the trucker for any possible scratches or damages. If you find any, mark them on the Bill of Lading.

Shipping a car may sound like a big ordeal, but as you can see it's a fast and easy service.

For more information, call us at 1.888.961.4299 or visit us a Montway.com


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