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Winter AutoFest in Lakeland continues to grow and it does so because of your passion for the hobby. As such, we’re happy to announce some all-new features for 2019 as it relates to America’s Sports Car, the Corvette! From vendor info, to the NCRS showcase, to the VIP and general Corvette Showfields, we’ve got you covered! Each feature mentioned below is also currently listed as a stand-alone activity on the Winter AutoFest web page. We’ve linked to each so that you can get more information with one click of the mouse or tap of your screen. Without further ado, here are the coming attractions for this February's event!

1. Corvette Vendors – See Who is Coming
Learn more today or call 717-243-7855 to become a Corvette vendor!

2. Be a Corvette VIP - $75 Registration Package
Learn more today!

3. I Want to Show – I Want to Save - $25 Registration Package
Learn more today!

4. “FREE” Presidents Package – Car Clubs, This One is For You – CALL FOR DETAILS
Call 717-243-7855 x113 to learn more today!

5. NCRS 41st Annual Winter Regional Meet
Learn more today!

...and more TBA

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