Hear About the Glory Days of Hurst

There are lots of great stories in the automotive world but the best ones come right from the source. You can read magazine articles and listen to your buddies tell their tales, but this is an extremely rare opportunity to hear from not just one or two, but an entire panel of former Hurst employees and engineers. These are the guys who were there during the glory days of the company. These are the guys who built the shifters, the Hurst/Olds, the SC/Ramblers and Super Stock Hemi A-Bodies. It’s all included with your admission to the show.

The guys will talk about their time at Hurst, the projects they worked on and the other jobs they performed such as repairing Hurst shifters at the track between rounds. These guys truly had their hands on everything in the company. When they finish with their stories and if there’s enough time, they will answer your questions too. If there isn’t enough time, all of them are available for individual discussions, autographs, etc.

The current list of Hurst employees attending the show includes: Joe Barone, Marty Danko, Don Glover, Jim Kerr, Howard Maseles and Don Morton. The list keeps growing and additional names will be added as they are confirmed. One common theme among all of the Hurst employees is that they loved working for Hurst and they were one big family. Meet the Hurst family and find out why they loved Hurst so much.


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