Meet the Guys Who Literally Made Hurst

We are extremely pleased to announce the return of the Hurst engineers and employees to the show. Don Glover and Jim Kerr are not only guests of the event, they have each played major roles in the development of the event. Don Glover was a longtime Hurst engineer who was part of many of the Hurst vehicles but he also worked on the Jaws of Life and he developed the “Hurst Equipped” emblem. Jim Kerr was an important part of Hurst performing many roles in the company. His most notable was probably his position in customer service where he was one of the earliest Hurst Shifty Doctors. As such, it was Jim’s job to go to the races and fix any problems the racers might have with their Hurst shifters.

Returning this year in addition to Don Glover and Jim Kerr will be the following:
• Marty Danko, Hurst Production/Engineering
• Howard Maseles, Hurst PR/Sales
• Don Morton, Hurst O.E.M. Sales

New attendees for 2018 include:
• Joe Barone, Hurst Manager of Manufacturing
• Steve Weiner, Hurst Sales Manager

All of the above former Hurst Associates will be on hand all weekend to meet fans, sign autographs, discuss Hurst products and vehicles as well as participate in the Hurst Employees Panel Discussion. Getting this many former Hurst employees together in one location is extremely rare. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear them speak about their time at Hurst and the projects they worked on as well as talking to them one-on-one and even having your specific questions answered. Don Glover can always be counted on to bring tons of photos, engineering drawings and more that he loves to show and talk about. These guys also have other rare items, prototypes and more. Rather than see these pieces in someone else’s collection, you’ll get to see them and learn about them directly from the guys who built them!

Guests will be talking shop Friday and Saturday of the 2nd annual Hurst Nationals! Get your tickets today via the link below to be sure you're part of this unique experience. BEST OF ALL, a ticket to the Hurst Nationals also means a ticket to the world's LARGEST all-Mopar-themed weekend, the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals. Learn more about that show below as well and treat yourself to two events for the price of one in July!


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