2018 Hurst Nationals Showcase Unique and Rare Rides

As the Hurst Nationals enters its second year, it continues to grow and thrive! For 2018, prepare yourself for the rare and unique, as one of many great displays includes the Hurst Hemi Dart and Hurst Hemi Barracuda. For the Darts, it all started with the limited option (1968 only) with a VIN beginning with LO23. In the Plymouth camp, the VIN began with BO29. The magic was in the second character, the letter “O” which was directly translated as “Super Stock.” This simple code is the key to what Hurst did by reworking the Dart and Barracuda with a 426 Race Hemi. Only about 80 Darts and 80 Barracudas were built and they were created specifically for drag racing. The powerplant, combined with designs from Hurst and Chrysler gave these A-Bodies a track speed of 130 m.p.h. in 10 to 11 seconds in the quarter mile.

In addition to the 426 cu in (7.0 L) Race Hemi for Super Stock drag racing, the 1968 package offered several other tricks. Unique features included lightweight Chemcor side glass, fiberglass front fenders, hood scoop, lightweight seats, and no side window mechanisms while sound deadener and other street equipment such as rear seats were omitted. An included sticker indicated that the car was not for use on public roads.

Register your Hurst Dart or Hurst Barracuda today for the invitational process for our indoor showcase. That link is below. Good luck and we’ll see you in July!


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