See His “Hemi Under Glass Racer” at the Hurst Nationals

Bob Riggle will forever be attached to his famous black-and-gold ride, the Hurst "Hemi Under Glass" wheelstander Barracudas. Riggle initially shared wheel time in the first Hemi Under Glass built in 1965, then took over driving chores completely in 1966 and continued to make exhibition passes across the country until 1969. Hurst withdrew their corporate sponsorship in 1969, but Riggle continued to make appearances in the popular car throughout the early '70s until he was injured in a funny car crash in 1975. In 1991, Riggle opted to bring back the good old days, building another 1966 Hemi Under Glass Barracuda and racing it at countless events before he retired once more in 2005. If this resume isn’t enough for you, Bob is also the same guy that was driving when his Hemi Under Glass flipped on national TV with a very famous passenger; Jay Leno!

Bob's probably spent more time on a drag strip with all four wheels off the ground than any man alive! Bob and the ‘68 Hemi Under Glass that he built will be featured at that Hurst Nationals all weekend where he will be available to chat with fans, sign autographs and pose for photos.

Hemi Under - The Glass Last Ride

Bob Riggle & Jay Leno


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