See the Car Bob Riggle Rolled with Jay Leno at the Hurst Nationals

There are lots of famous race cars in the world but only a select few are famous for a mishap. Only one can lay claim to rolling over with Jay Leno in the passenger’s seat and that’s the ‘69 Hurst Hemi Under Glass that was built by Bob Riggle and owned by Bill Sefton. They will bring the legendary car all the way from Arizona for fans to see it in person. The damage has been repaired and the car is as good as new. You’ve seen the video and now is your chance to see the car and hear what happened that day directly from Bob.

While the original Hemi Under Glass was built with drag racing in mind, it’s the outrageous wheelstands that made the car famous. The initial plan was to put the engine behind the driver to put the weight over the rear wheels for traction. It turned out to be too much weight over the rear wheels as the front end immediately went in the air upon acceleration. The ‘69 Hemi Under Glass features a 2,500 horsepower Hemi that allows Bob to lift the front end with ease then work his magic as he rolls down the track on the rear wheels. Bob and his Hemi Under Glass will be at the Hurst Nationals on Friday and Saturday.


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