Engineer Don Glover to Meet Enthusiasts

In the 1960s a team of engineers from Hurst Performance helped to make the Hurst brand a household name. With incredible cars such as the legendary Hurst/Olds, ostentatious SC/Rambler, eye-catching Pontiac SSJ and the big and bold Chrysler 300 Hurst, this company produced some incredible performance cars. What better way to kick off the inaugural Hurst Nationals than inviting one of the original team members to the show?! Former Hurst engineer Don Glover will be on-site both days of the event to meet enthusiasts, share some rare Hurst artifacts and offer seminars each day.

An accomplished NHRA Super Stock racer (he set a track record at Cecil County in 1974), Don has been a gearhead from a very young age. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Don always had a high interest in cars, making him a regular reader of Hot Rod and Car Craft. In fact, this intense interest in cars and customization is how Don was first introduced to Hurst Performance. While looking for engine mounts to help swap a Hemi into a '52 Ford, Don and several friends visited George Hurst's shop in 1959. The business obviously made an impression on Don, as he regularly checked up on available positions within the company and, in 1967, was able to secure a job on the engineering team. The rest, as they say, is history.

Don was part of the original team that designed and developed some of Hurst's most famous vehicles, such as the aforementioned Hurst/Olds, AMC, Pontiac and Chrysler, just to name a few. Glover’s involvement with Hurst Performance lasted all the way up until 1976. It is safe to say that a good majority of Hurst's famous performance products had Don's fingerprints on them. He was also one of the engineers involved in developing the Jaws of Life, the apparatus used to pry apart wrecked cars (a product many people forget was first made by Hurst). If you are a fan of Hurst products, or just automotive history in general, Don is a guy you want to meet! Be sure to swing by his booth inside the Expo Center to talk one-on-one, as well as hear him speak on his involvement with Hurst Performance.

Don was at Carlisle in 2016 and took a few minutes to speak with one of our on-site TV hosts. Check out the video linked below to learn more from Don!

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