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Be part of the Hurst Nationals showfield by going here. All showfield participants receive access to the event for the driver and one passenger for the duration of the event. On top of that, they will receive walk-in access to the Chrysler Nationals event down the street. All show cars are eligible for celebrity and special staff choice awards, which are chosen on Saturday of the show. This is a funfield event so there are no classes. However, parking will be separated between actual Hurst-Prepared vehicles, which includes all vehicles built/designed by Hurst or in partnership with Hurst, and all other Hurst-equipped vehicles. Hurst-equipped vehicles include any and all vehicles with Hurst products installed on them, whether original factory equipment, dealer-installed or added by the owner.

In addition to free walk-in access to the Chrysler Nationals, all vehicles registering for the show can save an extra 10% if registration is completed before the Gate-N-Go deadline of June 11, 2018. Talk about a great bargain! Gate-N-Go takes the frustration out of car show registration by saving you time and money. All you have to do is meet the deadline and we send your sticker to you in the mail. This means none of the hassle of waiting in line - simply drive on in and park! Show participants also receive complimentary goody bags and dash plaques upon check-in.


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