Ride on the ONLY Truck that Takes You OVER the Cars!

Climb aboard the iconic Virginia Giant Ride Truck for a heart-pounding, car-crushing, no-holds-barred edge-of-your-seat ride. Prepare for the ride of your life as the GIANT makes your heart pound and feet sweat with white knuckle car crushing action. This truck is the only one of its type that takes you OVER the cars. Ride, crush, enjoy and repeat!

Be part of the car-crushing, jacked-up truck-riding excitement this summer in Carlisle. Get tickets today for truck weekend via the Carlisle Events ticketing page (linked below), or register your truck to be part of the show, also linked below. Fun for all ages, the Carlisle Truck Nationals start August 4.

Please note, a nominal fee will apply per passenger/per ride for this experience.

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