Wall of Honor recognizes Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans

The Vietnam War stands out in our country’s history due to how its service members were looked at upon their return stateside. In some cases, those who served are still trying to find their place. The difficulties that come with serving, especially on the front lines can only be known by those who have been there, but one local central Pennsylvania man is hoping that those who have been lost in the current Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts will never been forgotten.

Tim Wright is a retired Army veteran who lives in nearby Shippensburg, Pennsylvania and served in Vietnam. He vividly recalls how he was treated when he came home from Vietnam and has built the Mid-Atlantic Wall of Fallen Heroes so that today’s heroes are never forgotten. This idea came in part from a similar creation by a man named Fred Nunemacher of Millersburg, Pennsylvania. Fred’s wall includes just the names of Pennsylvania’s fallen from Iraq and is called the Wall of Fallen Heroes.

What makes Tim Wright’s wall different is that it covers the Mid-Atlantic region (Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) as well as Washington D.C. and currently includes 827 names. This wall has made its rounds in all seven locations, including a big bike rally, Rolling Thunder, which takes place in D.C.

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