Catch the Fever with Thousands of Monster Maniacs Starting August 4

A little competition is good for one and all and in 2017, the Snake Bite truck is coming to Carlisle to take on its rival, Bigfoot. Snake Bite was launched in 1991 and after a few years in its den, has returned to regular competition. Appearing with a red and yellow color scheme and venomous fangs dangling off its front grille, Snake Bite is a custom body monster truck and is known as the first 3D body monster truck. Video game fans may recognize the truck from various games showcasing the sport of Monster Jam.

With Carlisle Truck Nationals weekend upcoming, this year will be the time to finally put down the video game controllers and TV remote in exchange for seeing this beast in person.

Get tickets today for truck weekend via the Carlisle Events ticketing page (linked below), or register your truck to be part of the show, also linked below. Fun for all ages, the Carlisle Truck Nationals start August 4.

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