Transform Your Weekend at the Truck Nationals This Summer

The Hasbro brand is known for its hugely successful line of toys and in some cases, the movies and/or TV shows those toys have spawned. One such toy line and franchise is Transformers. In 2017, the Carlisle Truck Nationals will showcase an Optimus Prime fan-built replica truck. The Optimus Prime fan-built replica will be part of the Big Rig showcase this summer and you won't want to miss it. In front of this summer's international release of the next Transformers movie, be sure to check out this amazing replica.

Approved as an official replica by Hasbro, the truck actually is a 2017 Western Star 5700 XE. When it started on the factory floor, its one and only purpose was to become an Optimus Prime replica. Its highly customized look makes it true to what was seen on the big screen as part of Transformers 4 and will closely resemble its official counterpart for this summer's Transformers 5. Artists and fabricators from around the country were involved to assure no detail was missed. Counting this replica, there are only three Optimus Prime trucks in existence built with this design. Basically, the chances of ever seeing this type of truck in person are slim so be sure to make plans to attend the Carlisle Truck Nationals and do just that!

You just might even be able to sit in the driver's seat and snap a photo too. Please note an additional fee for photos and up close experiences with the truck may apply; however, to simply stop by with your family for a look see, that's a FREE experience that may transform your life!

Check out details via the truck's Facebook page and be sure to get tickets today to be part of the 2017 Carlisle Truck Nationals.

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