Featured Vehicle Display(s) showcase vehicles ranging from classic restorations to full-blown customs. Some events will highlight and feature anniversaries or themes. If you would like to have your vehicle considered for a Carlisle Featured Vehicle Display please complete the Featured Vehicle Display submission form and follow the instructions below. If applicable, please include copies of any articles that have been written about your vehicle. We will review applications and notify you by telephone and/or mail if your vehicle has been selected. Vehicles selected to appear in the Featured Vehicle Display will receive free admission, on-grounds parking, a goody bag, recognition plaque and photo in our event magazine. Your vehicle will be displayed indoors to the general public for three full days.

 100th Anniversary of the Citroen Feature Display – Building Y

1939 Citroën B11 Commerciale
Per Ahlstrom

1952 Citroen Traction Avant 15CV
Carl Erb

Alain Daumas

1960 Panhard PL17 Grand Standing
Paul Brown

1966 Citroen DS
Dave Agar

1967 Citroen 2CV Truckette
Serge Rousselle

1976 Citroen 2CV SPOT
Kim Barnes

1981 Citroen CX 2400 Pallas
Brian Peters

1987 Citroen 2CV Sausss Ente
Kim Barnes
 25 Years of the Subaru WRX STI Feature Display – Building T

Brittany Llewellyn

2016 Subaru Limited Edition STI
Anthony (Tony) Tereska
 40 Years of the Volkswagen Jetta Feature Display – Building T

1997 VW Jetta
Vaughn Cordell


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