2017 Feature Highlights Wagons and Hatches of all Types

It’s an international showcase of all things wagon as part of the 2017 Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals. This year, wagon and hatchback lovers the region over are invited to Carlisle to explore import and performance based wagons and hatches of the past, present and future! While wagon and hatch buyers have waned in the domestic market, the European and Japanese markets have always considered wagons as a staple of their automotive lineups. From family haulers to barnstormers, old-school to new school, Swedish to Japanese, it's all welcome in 2017! A special display in Building T will highlight wagon's and hatchback’s special place in import automotive history and if you want to be part of the display, all you have to do is complete the invitational application linked below or you can e-mail our co-event managers, Ken Appell or Ed Buczeskie to learn more.


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