Bugs From All Eras Converge on Carlisle

Join us as we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Volkswagen Beetle at the Import & Performance Nationals. We’ll have a display in Building T and we welcome everyone to bring their Beetles for the Showfield. If you want, you can even have yours professionally judged at the show.

The history of the Volkswagen Beetle doesn’t need to be repeated but in short, it was officially released to the public in 1938. It was the brainchild of Adolf Hitler and was engineered by Ferdinand Porsche. It was to be an economical car for everyone and Volkswagen literally means, “people’s car.” What many people often forget is that over 21 million Type 1 Volkswagens (also known as Beetles or Bugs) were produced and they were built until 2003 when the last one rolled off the assembly line in Puebla, Mexico. That’s over 65 years of building the same car!

The VW Beetle was never intended to be an icon but that’s exactly what it is. Possibly the coolest thing about a Beetle is that almost every gear head loves them regardless of what other type(s) of cars that person likes. They truly transcend the entire automotive hobby. Of course, import fans love them, but it’s pretty impressive that many of the most hardcore fans of American iron also love the Beetle. Some people hot rod the air-cooled engines while others go to other extremes, but in the end, it’s undeniably still a Volkswagen Beetle.

If you have a VW Beetle that you would like to have considered for the indoor invitational display, you can apply at the link below. If you would rather just display yours on the Showfield, judged or non-judged, that link is also below. Either way, we want to see your VW at the show. All Beetles are welcome to apply for the Invitational Display and on the Showfield whether it’s stock or modified, cambered, used for a kit or whatever. Join us as we celebrate the Beetle!


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