All Hurst Built and Hurst Equipped Vehicles Welcome

The Hurst Nationals runs July 13-14, 2018 and will be held at the Carlisle Expo Center located just one block from the Carlisle Fairgrounds. During the Inaugural Hurst Nationals last year, the number one question was, “Is the show open to vehicles with Hurst products or is it only for Hurst built cars?” This year the show IS open to all vehicles with Hurst products! That means, if you have any GM vehicle with a Hurst shifter, you’re welcome to register it for the Showfield. It can be a factory installed unit or one that was added after it rolled off the line. Other Hurst products like wheels, line locks, engine swap kits or anything else manufactured by Hurst are also included. If it’s Hurst and it’s on your ride, it’s eligible for the Showfield! Of course, Hurst built GM vehicles like the Hurst/Olds, Pontiac SSJ and the late model Hurst Camaro are always welcome!

Hurst Elite Series vehicles are also welcome at the show. These vehicles can be built by the owner as time and budget allows but must be fitted with the following Hurst “Elite Series” items: exhaust, wheels, springs, floor mats, graphics and a Hurst shifter. These vehicles then get a pair of badges and a numbered certificate from Hurst to authenticate the build.

Hurst tributes and “what-if” builds are also welcome to attend the show. A tribute can be any car built to replicate an original Hurst vehicle but is not an actual Hurst build. It can also be a variation of a true Hurst vehicle using your personal interpretation such as building a convertible version of a car that was only offered as a hardtop. A “what-if” vehicle can be a lot more outside of the box, so to speak. For example, maybe you wondered what a Hurst Nova would’ve looked like had one been built so you decided to build your own. We want to see it!!

Be sure to check out the Hurst Nationals’ page for more info and to register.

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