Camaro N100001 Returns to Carlisle in 2017

Back again for 2017, the Chevrolet Nationals will be playing host to the most important Camaro ever built – the very first one! Camaro N100001 was the first of 49 pilot cars built by Chevrolet at the Norwood Assembly Plant. This car, along with the 48 other pilots, was built to insure compatibility with mass production when it came to tooling and machinery used in the process. These pilot cars were crucial to refining the setup of the factory and helped to get everything ready for mass production of the First Generation Camaro. In the end, the pilot cars differed from prototypes because they were real, functioning automobiles upon completion. Camaro #001 was used by Chevrolet as a display vehicle at trade and auto shows and came equipped with a special 110-volt static lighting display, as well as Grenada Gold paint, a standard 230 straight-six engine, whitewall tires and a push-button radio. The Camaro was eventually retired from the show circuit, had its lighting display removed, and made its way to Ayers High Performance Chevrolet in Yukon, OK to live life as a showroom attraction. Ayers Chevrolet eventually sold the car, which then passed through several owners and even became a drag car at one point in its life.

Eventually, the historical importance of the car was recognized and it was sold to the current owner, who had it painstakingly restored to its original condition. Camaro N100001 represents a significant piece of GM history, and was literally the first of its kind to ever exist. Camaro #001 will be the anchor vehicle in our Camaro and Firebird 50th Anniversary display, located in Building T.

Please visit the link below or watch the video to learn more about this car’s incredible history, as well as the history of its sister pilot cars.

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