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For the longest time, General Motors was the largest producer of vehicles on the planet. This dominance over the automotive market means there are millions of General Motors fans in the hobby with different General Motors branches they love the most. Pontiac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Buick fans may differ on which brand they think made the best muscle car, but all of them have one thing in common: a true passion for vintage General Motors performance. So, to help people express their passion in the General Motors hobby, the Chevrolet Nationals is asking our enthusiasts to voice their support by voting!

The General Motors Muscle Car Showdown will ask enthusiasts to vote for their favorite General Motors muscle car brand. A special display tent at the event will feature approximately three examples of what General Motors's different branches had to offer during America's iconic Muscle Car Era. Team Chevrolet, Team Oldsmobile, Team Pontiac and Team Buick will compose the mini-displays within the Showdown tent. You may find yourself asking, "Where’s Cadillac?" Well, because we are focusing on vintage muscle cars, Cadillac does not really fit the bill. While Cadillac produced beautiful cruisers, they were not necessarily known for muscle car performance.

Event attendees and enthusiasts will be asked ahead of time, via a Facebook poll, to vote on their favorite brand. Those results will then be combined with our on-site voting that will take place in the Showdown tent. Final results will be tabulated Saturday evening for publishing on Sunday morning. On Sunday of the show, the winning team will be presented with the "General Motors Muscle Car Showdown Champions" award. This friendly competition is purely for fun, so let's keep things light-hearted and remember that, regardless of brand loyalty, we are all still gearheads!

The 2017 results are are the winners:

1st: Chevrolet
2nd: Pontiac
3rd: Oldsmobile
4th: Buick

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