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2017 brings two big changes to the Carlisle Events schedule. First, we are following the lead of one of the biggest automakers in world, Chevrolet, as we proudly announce the all-new Carlisle Chevrolet Nationals. This is meant to reflect the ever-growing number of enthusiasts who buy and enjoy Chevrolet products. Of course the weekend isn’t limited to bow-tie branded cars and trucks either. The Chevrolet Nationals also encourage the inclusion of any and all makes and models produced by General Motors. Throughout our history, Carlisle Events has enjoyed very strong support from Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Cadillac fans, so we certainly want to remain a prime location for your club meets, your show cars and…you! This new approach will produce a bigger and better showfield and vendor base for all of our participants to enjoy, regardless of which type of GM they love the most.

With a new event comes a new date as well. The Chevrolet Nationals will be held June 23-25 of 2017, meaning it falls back to a date that you’re very familiar with, the old GM Nationals date. This is meant to avoid our overlap with Father's day as well as help alleviate some conflicts with other events in the area. We hope that you can check out the show and enjoy this fresh new event with tons of new features! Tell a friend and register today!

Be sure to visit our vendor page, club page and our showfield registration page in the near future for special incentives being offered for the all new Chevrolet Nationals. This will be a must-attend show for everyone next June!

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