The Kings of the Road Come to Carlisle with the Cobra Jets

In the late 1960's Shelby was a name synonymous with special edition Fords. Carroll Shelby and his team of engineers tinkered with a number of Ford Mustangs which would come to be adorned with Shelby name plates like the GT350 and GT500. There were no Shelby Mustangs more famous than the GT500KR. The KR in GT500KR stands for "King of the Road" and that name still stands tall today in muscle car markets.

In 1968 and only 1968, the Shelby GT500KR was built with around 1,000 of them reaching your local streets. Equipped with the 428 Cobra Jet engine, these were instant hits once you hit the accelerator. Since 1968 this has become one of the most sought after Shelbys for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Fast forward to 2018 and in June we’ll celebrate this historic marque in Shelby history. Expect a small display of 1968 Shelby GT500KR's located in the Cobra Jet display within Building T. We welcome all 1968 Shelby GT500KR owners to participate in the celebration.

While the deadline for consideration has passed, you can now see many of the great cars that will make up this display online. Check them out online now and in person starting June 1!

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