Building T Welcomes 50 Years of Cobra Jet Equipped Cars

In April of 1968 Ford Motor Company introduced the Cobra Jet engine to the world. Based on the 428 FE engine the Cobra Jet, or "CJ" for short was a beefed up performance version of the 428 FE. It utilized a variety of cylinder heads combined with a 735 cfm Holley four-barrel carb. The CJ also had heavier connecting rods and a nodular iron crankshaft casting. There was also the Super Cobra Jet (or SCJ for short) which used the same top end, pistons, heads, camshaft and block as the standard CJ. However, the SCJ had the crankshaft and connecting rods strengthened and associated balancing altered for drag racing. The SCJ was standard equipment when buyers would order a Ford with the "Drag Pack" option. In 2008 Ford reintroduced the Cobra Jet engine as a modern 5.4L V8 equipped with a 2.3L supercharger and numerous other performance upgrades. Along with the 2008 engine, Ford introduced a special 50 car run called 2008 Mustang Cobra Jet aka the FR500CJ race car which came equipped with the modern CJ engine. The car was so popular, Ford Performance built an additional 50 car batches in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016.

For the Ford Nationals in June 2018 we will be hosting a unique invitational featuring all Cobra Jets new and old inside Building T. Space in the display is limited so we will also have a special showfield tent for Cobra Jet equipped vehicles in 2018.

While the deadline for consideration has passed, you can now see many of the great cars that will make up this display online. Check them out online now and in person starting June 1!

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