Celebrate not only the Foxbody but also the Fox Platform as a Whole!

The third-generation Mustang, commonly known as the "Foxbody" or "Fox," came to market in 1979 after its Fox platform brothers the Fairmont and the Zephyr came to market in 1978. Ford wanted something so different from the previous Mustang II design that it enlisted the help of Ford designer Jack Telnack to create this all-new Ford Mustang. Through the years many versions of this Mustang would come to fruition such as the Indy Pace Edition, the Cobra, the Spring and Summer editions, and more. The Foxbody would end up being the longest running body style of the Mustang to date. Join us in June as we celebrate the Foxbody's historic place in time.

But wait, there's more! We will also be celebrating all-Fox platform cars as part of this historic marque. This includes Fox platform versions of the Thunderbird, Cougar, Zephyr, Continental, LTD, Capri, Granada, Fairmont, Mark VII, and Marquis. How can you join in on the action? Register for the Outdoor Showfield or apply for the Indoor Feature Vehicle Display using the links below.

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