Be Part of the Fun at Carlisle in 2017

The NPD Showfield for 2017 will play host to more Cougars than ever before. June 2-4 honors 50 years of the Cougar and it doesn’t matter if it was year one production from 1967 or the final models from 2002, if it’s a Cougar, its welcome. Register today for the showfield and bring your Cougar to Carlisle. The all-Ford Nationals strive to include important Ford family vehicles each year and this year is the Cougar. There were eight generations of the Cougar produced and some were even performance based, with the legendary Bud Moore fielding Mercury Cougars during the 1967 Trans Am racing season and in 1968 as part of the NASCAR Grand American series. Cougars on the track continued into the 90s and those types of cars, if available to show, are welcome at Carlisle. Come one, come all and celebrate the long and storied history of the Mercury Cougar.

More activities are being planned so stay tuned to this page and our Facebook page for updates as we get closer to the event.

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