Fall Carlisle Invites You to Join the Club

As Fall Carlisle wraps up the season schedule, Carlisle Events has something special for our loyal patrons. Gain VIP access plus add-on goodies and perks via the all-new VIP Power Picker program. This special VIP feature helps you get in, get everything you want and get out with ease. Here’s how it works!

For just $99, the pass gives you access to the grounds for all five days of Fall Carlisle. In addition, you get ON GROUNDS parking just inside of Gate 5. Now that you’re on-site, Carlisle Events wants to help you shop with ease. As part of your access, you’ll get a FREE canvas shopping tote sponsored by Hemmings Motor News, FREE direct taxi service from your parking space to a drop spot of your choosing and FREE parts hauling from pick up to your space.

In addition, via Hemmings, you’ll get your very own Hemmings window decal (photo below), a discount of nearly $7 off to become a subscriber to THE automotive bible, Hemmings Motor News, a FREE coffee voucher, a 50% discount offer to be a bidder at our neighboring auction, VIP lanyard identifying you as a VIP Power Picker and, of course, the pride in the fact that you’re coming to Carlisle to buy, sell and trade all things automotive.

Again, this cost is just $99 for the entire five-day event but has a retail value of much, much more! Plus, even more goodies will be coming your way before Fall Carlisle starts in October. You may also obtain Power Picker status on a per-day basis of $40, if there is space available. Certain restrictions may apply.

If you’re a VIP Power Picker, then you’re a privileged enthusiast who knows a good deal when you see it. Register today and don’t miss out on the fun.

Call Carlisle Events at 717-243-7855 to put your name on our VIP Power Picker package today!

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