Fall Carlisle Showcases Original Autos

People make careers out of finding and reporting on barn finds, while others take pride in having a classic that is an all original survivor. Both aspects will be on display as part of Fall Carlisle. Spread over two locations, guests walking the grounds can enjoy a unique showcase of barn find cars or trucks as well as survivors. Fall Carlisle is all about nostalgia and all things classic as it is, so with the popularity of barn finds and the intriguing nature of survivors, this is a perfect fit for the weekend.

Select cars will be on display on the stage, while others will be on the north side of the grounds near the Pennsylvania Turnpike as part of our popular North Side Collectors Corner Tent. Walk the grounds, enjoy the show and check these cool and unique pieces of automotive history at Fall Carlisle.

For one example of a cool barn find that will be on display, check out these photos and get a load of this story from its current owner:

"This '66 Charger was purchased at auction in Atlantic City, NJ in 1992, as a rotisserie front line feature! Mileage was approximately 19,200, bringing it to 19,985 on arrival in Saint John, New Brunswick. It then sat for 25 years without ever being registered. The owners wife told me she drove it straight out of the barn and washed it a couple times in the first few years, a distance of 50-60 feet each time.

Coffee shop talk in early 2016 peaked my interest after hearing my buddy talk about the year, make, model and condition of this dream deal. My buddy was then was tasked by the owners; also friends of his to sell the car. It took no time for me to say I’d take it and the rest is history!

The car had the original fuel filter and plugs along with one original muffler still on it and I did $7,200 of work. I still have the receipt and saved all the original parts we changed, right down to the winding wire out of one of the headlight motors! The steel brake lines, gas line and emergency brake cables are all still original and like new! The car drives as well or better than a one year old vehicle."

This is for sale too...and you can find it on the stage. Wow, right?

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