Fall Carlisle Plays Host to Themed Vendor Booths

As if browsing 82 acres of automobilia wasn’t fun enough, Carlisle Events is upping the ante this year as vendors are invited to showcase their flair and have a theme to their vending space(s) as part of Fall Carlisle. Call it vending with “curb appeal” or simply call it a way for the vendors to have fun. The stakes are high too - two FREE vending spaces for the selected winners for an event in 2018. The theme is up to the vendor – holiday, sports, automotive, military, political, etc. The only true requests/rules are that décor must be tasteful and common sense non-offensive. Otherwise, it’s all about having fun and celebrating the core reason that a show like Fall Carlisle continues to thrive 40+ years later, the vendors!

If you’re a vendor, start plotting and planning now and if you’re a shopper, be sure to visit the themed vendors as well as every other one onsite during the show. Check out the link on our Spring/Fall Carlisle Facebook page for some examples of themed photos from vending-based shows in Europe and in the meantime, good luck and let’s have some fun!

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