Common Cars and Trucks Join Classics and Collectors for Sale

For decades, classics lined the east side of the grounds and were for sale by owner as part of the car corral. Now, with the hobby evolving and an abundance of vehicles available to be sold, you can buy or sell your daily driver too. This Daily Driver Blowout, or DDB for short, offers big deals on daily drivers and will be part of our always-popular car corral. The DDB will have its own footprint adjacent to the existing car corral area, assuring a fresh exclusivity and unmatched maximum exposure. For Fall Carlisle, the DDB also shines a spotlight on later model drivers, ones that are officially classics. In the state of Pennsylvania the official definition of a classic car starts with those 15 years or older so the DDB will have modern vehicles that are indeed classics!

Dealers and private owners are encouraged to register to sell or trade at Carlisle. Yes, there are still space specials for the DDB including a free bidder's badge for the Carlisle Auction if you qualify. If you’re looking to buy, simply pay admission at the gate and walk in. If you’re looking to sell, register for a car corral space by calling 717-243-7855 ext. 198 or on the web via the link below.

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