Collectibles, Automobilia, Signage and Coin Ops Commonly Found

Buyers and sellers of rare, unique and fresh collectibles listen up because Carlisle Events has something for you as part of Fall Carlisle. If you truly believe that X marks the spot and that there are treasures to be found, this event is perfect for you. The collectibles portion of this event carries many desired items collectors and enthusiasts like you love to hunt! Scour the grounds and compete with many big name auction companies, pickers and industry celebrities. You don’t know who you’re picking against, but they are here and why would you want to pay inflated prices to them later when you can pick it first at Fall Carlisle. The hard to find can be found all around the grounds.

Go the extra mile as you search and network at Carlisle! Is there a golden piece for you to find, maybe so. What about a true collectible piece from a bygone era when items were made with a little extra TLC – YES! Walk the grounds, find a hot collectible, then the choice is yours. Do you keep it or flip it for a profit before you leave the show? There are over 94 collectible programs on TV reflecting this worldwide trend. Carlisle Events is shedding light on your possibilities. If you don’t attend to see for yourself, you’ll never know.

ALL NEW, the NSCC also welcomes a handful of barn find and survivor cars via two collections from enthusiasts who have recently passed, the Frank Class collection (pictured below) and another die-cast collection from Ken Mackintosh. Talk about rare and unique! These classic cars, boxed toys, collectibles and barn finds could all be yours now. Continue, start and/or plan your tour through the entire north field for items too good to be missed!

There will also be bid slips positioned in the NSCC, giving you a chance to own a piece of the “Class” classics. There’s opportunity now or later with the “Class Collection” at Spring Carlisle and its three-day auction, presented by Carlisle Auctions in April of 2018.

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