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THE BEST O.E. Judging/Certification Program in the Mopar Hobby

As we expected, the Chrysler Nationals Certification Program is very popular and growing rapidly. We now have two years of the program in the books and both years were sold out very quickly. This year's judging field will once again be limited to four cars. They will be evaluated by the BEST in the business and each car will receive hours of evaluation. The judges will be looking for the correct parts, bolts, nuts, hardware, date codes, etc. Each part must be correct for the build date of the car, assembly plant, etc. Everything must match the fender tag and/or build sheet. All restoration procedures must match the factory assembly line procedures and cars that are restored to better than factory will actually lose points. The judges will again be Frank Badalson, Paul Jacobs and David Wise.

This won't be some five minute judging process either. Make plans to watch these pros work over the course of Friday and Saturday at the show. See what the best of the best is all about!

For more details or if you think you have a Mopar that would qualify, please e-mail event manager Ed Buczeskieor call 717-243-7855 x131.

Ross Erickson ----- 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda ----- Silver: 94.9%

John Borzych ----- 1970 Plymouth Superbird ----- Silver: 94.3%

Douglas Meeker ----- 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda ----- Silver: 91.7%

Chris McWhirter ----- 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T-SE ----- Silver: 91.5%

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