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Chrysler Nationals Honor Some of the Best from 1993

It was decades after the traditional muscle car era and a few years ahead of the modern muscle era but the LH platform was pretty impressive for its time. It was part of the “new” Chrysler and was a major investment from the company. The LH cars were built with quality goals from the beginning and hundreds of millions of dollars were spent to revamp the assembly plant for the LH cars.

Beginning in 1993, the Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler Concorde, Eagle Vision and Chrysler New Yorker started to roll off the assembly lines. They were later joined by the Chrysler LHS and 300M. New manufacturing processes were implemented and the vehicles were launched more slowly than in the past to ensure that the LH cars were ready. A rear-wheel drive version was never produced despite the cars having the engines mounted front to back rather than side to side as is typical of front-wheel drive platforms.

In addition to reliability and high build quality, the LH cars were full-size cars with six-cylinder engines, but had the power of a V8 and the economy of a four-cylinder. The performance models like the 300M and the Intrepid R/T produced nearly 250 horsepower which was on par with eight-cylinder engines of the time. Gas mileage exceeding 30 mpg was equal to smaller cars with smaller engines. These were great touring cars that offered very good overall performance.

One of our larger clubs at the show each year is the Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts and we are working with them to celebrate the 25th anniversary of all models of the LH platform. With their efforts, we already have 40 cars registered for the Showfield making this the largest turnout of LH cars in years and one of the largest ever. The club will have their tent and we’re working to develop this feature even further. You can register your LH car now for the Showfield by using the link below.

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