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The 340 made its debut in the 1968 model year and was only offered in the Dart and the Barracuda. The Dodge and Plymouth compact models were now real performers in the small block wars. The 340 kept the price down as well as the weight on the nose. It was the perfect combination which resulted in a car that was quick and well balanced.

Small blocks always seem to get overlooked compared to big blocks and Hemis. The Mopar 340 was only ever offered as a performance engine and not many small blocks can make that claim. Most other small blocks were offered in low-performance, two-barrel versions. Yes, the 340 eventually suffered a mild compression loss and a few ponies but it was a performance engine until the end. It always came with good heads, big valves, a hot cam, performance exhaust manifolds and at least a four-barrel.

One of the most potent combinations on the street or the track was an A-Body with a four-speed and 3.91 gears. If that car had a few of the right mods done to it, big blocks needed to look out! As far as value and desirability, AAR ‘Cudas and Challenger T/As are some of the hottest collectible cars on the market and the prices reflect it with values higher than some big block E-Bodies of the same year. The 340 ended its run after 1973 and was replaced by the 360.

Factory 340 Mopars may still be viewed by many as “budget muscle cars” but they are pretty stout performers even in stock form. Their prices may always lag in comparison to the same model with a factory big block but the 340 deserves to be honored for its performance and for being a great engine overall. To celebrate this engine, we are looking for all varieties of 340 Mopars from OE stock examples to all-out performance engines. Register your 340-powered Mopar for the Showfield or submit it for a special Invitational Display by using the links below.

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