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Special Display Planned for 2019

2019 marks 50 years since Dodge took a major swing at NASCAR in the “aero wars” by introducing the 1969 Charger 500 and then the Charger Daytona. These two icons will be highlighted at the show with a special indoor display to celebrate this milestone. These are two of the rarest and most desirable Mopars and we’re throwing them a party to celebrate. Dodge took no prisoners when it came to winning!

The Aero Wars were heating up in 1969 and Dodge saw the flaws in their recently redesigned Charger. Aesthetically, the new Charger was perfect (at least we think it is!) but it wasn’t so great on the NASCAR super speedways of the era. The ‘69 Charger 500 was a huge step in the right direction but it was the Daytona that was totally outrageous.

Celebrating half of a century is a pretty big deal. In today’s world, it’s hard to believe that such a car would ever be built by a major automotive manufacturer. Dodge has a history of pulling out all of the stops to win and these cars are certainly proof of that. Dodge is also used to causing sanctioning bodies to rewrite the rules books, but we digress…

If you have a ‘69 Charger 500 or Daytona, we want you to apply for consideration for the (Featured Vehicle Application - APPLY HERE). It can be a factory-built street car or it can be a NASCAR racer...or a drag car even though that wasn’t the original intent of these cars. Beyond that, we’re also looking for beautiful restorations, Day 2 cars, Survivors and Barn Finds. Perhaps you have one with an old school psychedelic paint job? If so, we’d love to see it! Whatever it is, send it our way. For questions or to share leads, please contact event planner Ed Buczeskie direct via e-mail today or call 717-960-6416.

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