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1967 was an important year for Dodge because it marked their first real effort to make their performance models stand out. For example, on the ’66 Charger the only thing that separated a 318 or 361 model from a 383 or Hemi was the small badge on each fender. Dodge started with the Coronet R/T which simply stood for “Road/Track” and added a Charger R/T in ’68. Like the GTX, the R/T badge meant you were packing a 440 4-barrel at a minimum with the only option being the 426 Hemi (through 1969).

In 1970, the all-new Challenger was added and the standard engine for the R/T E-Body was the 383 4-barrel with all other big blocks available as an option (440-4, 440-6 & 426 Hemi). The 340 wasn’t available in a Challenger R/T until 1971. ’71 was the end of the road for the R/T as it was replaced by the Rallye package beginning in ’72. The R/T moniker returned in 1977 on the Aspen to help spice up the new F-Body. It went away again until the ‘90s when it was used on the Stealth, Daytona, Spirit, Dakota and Durango. Today, you can find an R/T badge on just about every Dodge and RAM vehicle.

To celebrate such a legacy, we are developing an exclusive logo to honor what we feel is more than just an emblem. Once we have the design perfected, it will be adapted for use on stickers, license plates and banners that will be made available to all show attendees. If you have a Dodge with the coveted R/T emblem, we want you to join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity. To participate with your R/T on the show field, simply visit the first link below.

The logo will also be used to as a backdrop for a special display of R/T vehicles as part of an indoor display of Invitational vehicles. All factory R/Ts are welcome and encouraged to apply for the featured display. At the same time, we want a wide variety for this display and the more unusual the vehicle, the better! If you have an R/T vehicle that you think should be considered, we invite you to apply for invitational via the second link.

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