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Arguably the most popular factory street racer from Ma Mopar was the 1969½ A12 Road Runners and Super Bees. These bad boys are turning 50 in 2019 and we’re having a celebration for this milestone! We’re going to assemble as many production Lift Off Hood cars as we can. We’ll have classes for the A12 cars, one for the Road Runner and another for the Super Bee. We’ll also have a special indoor display with a variety of hand-chosen cars.

Every manufacturer has produced a bare bones street race at some point, but the A12 might have been the ultimate. It had everything a street racer needed and almost nothing that wasn’t needed. Yes, you could get some options that weren’t necessary for a race car but Chrysler was obviously paying attention to what the racers were doing.

Chrysler ditched the steel hood and hinges just like the racers did and added a fiberglass pin-on hood with a functional scoop. Wheel covers and trim rings won’t pass tech at most tracks so why make the customer buy them just to take them off at the track? A12s were meant to be street/strip cars so they went with the 440 wedge and a trio of Holleys. This was cheaper than the Hemi and less maintenance.

These rare B-Bodies are only going to turn 50 once so if you have a factory A12 car, you’re going to want to bring it to Carlisle in 2019. In addition to the Showfield classes, we will be looking for a variety of A12s for the indoor Featured Vehicle Display. We want the coolest cars for the inside display including Barn Finds, old school drag cars, modern drag cars and we also want some of the finest restored cars. To submit your A12 for consideration, please complete the (Featured Vehicle Application - APPLY HERE). For questions or to share leads, please contact event planner Ed Buczeskie direct via e-mail today or call 717-960-6416.

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