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The 1966 Hemi-powered Plymouths really didn’t look any different than the other Belvederes and Satellites so something new was needed for ’67. The answer was the Belvedere GTX with it’s twin scoops, optional stripes, quick fill gas cap and GTX badging. This was just enough to set it apart from the rest of the Belvedere line in the looks department and earn it the reputation of “the gentleman’s hot rod.”

Of course, it wasn’t just an appearance package since the 440 4-barrel was the base engine and the 426 Hemi was the only option until 1970 when the 440 Six Barrel was added to the line up. In fact, starting in 1972 the only way to get a 440 in a Plymouth B-Body was to add the GTX “package” making it a Road Runner/GTX. See what made the GTX so special as we assemble a display of at least one from each year in an indoor display and plenty more on the show field.

In addition to what we anticipate will be the most GTXs ever at Carlisle, since this is a 50 year celebration, we’ll have more than just big numbers. Lately we’ve been stepping up our game with exclusive logos that find their way onto commemorative banners, license plates and stickers for our special displays and we’re doing the same for the GTX. Keep an eye out for these, and possibly other, items as they will be available to all attendees.

If you want to be part of what will likely be the largest gathering of GTXs ever, you can register for the show field by simply visiting the first link below.

In typical Carlisle fashion, we’re going after some of the most interesting GTXs in the hobby to have on display. If you have a GTX and would like to have it considered for the Invitational Display, you are encouraged to submit via the invitational link, listed second below. Good luck!

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