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Ma Mopar was playing for keeps when the High Impact Paint colors were introduced as they made everyone else’s color chips look like warm oatmeal. Then, in a move that’s akin to spending your weekend on an extra credit project when you already have perfect grades, she dropped the FM3 Bomb! Hugger Orange? Grabber Blue? Big Bad Green? They might as well be beige compared to Chrysler’s paint code FM3, better known as Panther Pink for Dodge and Moulin Rouge for Plymouth!

The color may have proved to be a little too much back then as very few left the assembly line in the outrageous hue. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, many of these cars were running the streets wearing just about any color other than pink. Today, however, it’s a different story. Finding traces of bright pink paint and spotting the code FM3 on the left side of a fender tag is better than hitting the lottery (the Pick 3, anyway). If that code is on a factory performance model, that’s the stuff Mopar dreams are made of.

Our last FM3 Celebration was way back in 2008 and the stars have finally aligned for another one. As before, we are again teaming up with our buddy Nick Taylor of to put this display together. A, B & E-Body cars have been applying since July and we already have the only known FM3 C-Body locked in!! If you have a factory Panther Pink or Moulin Rouge Mopar, we urge you to apply for the exclusive indoor feature via the link below.

As has become our thing lately, we are developing a special FM3 logo that will then be adapted for use on commemorative license plates, stickers and banners. These will be used to enhance the indoor display. Additional quantities will also be produced and made available to all attendees at the show. Even if you’re not one of the lucky few to have a real FM3 Mopar, you can still take home a piece of the party!

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