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From beasts of burden to all-out performance machines, trucks have found a way to be all things to all people (ok, almost) and Dodge has been doing it for 100 years! Their first trucks, beginning in 1917, were built to meet public demand. Dodge trucks were instrumental in both world wars. After WWII returning soldiers wanted a truck like the ones they used in the war and Dodge responded with the Power Wagon. The Sweptside is one of the coolest and most attractive trucks ever made. The A-100 went head-to-head with the other flat-nosed trucks and is highly sought-after today.

When the Dude appeared for 1970-71 it was sort of a “muscle truck” with bright colors, cool stripes and up to a 383 was available under the hood (as was the slant six and 318). When cars became anemic in the mid-‘70s Dodge went a different direction with their “Adult Toys.” The first standout of that group was the Warlock but it was an appearance package. In a truly bold move, Dodge threw the Li’l Red Express Truck in our faces in ’78 & ’79. Nobody had ever built a production truck like it and it outperformed the so-called muscle cars of that era!

The Cummins-powered trucks of the ‘80s were great and the Dakota basically launched the mid-size truck but it wasn’t until the radical new Ram in 1994 that Dodge really caught the attention of the general public. About a decade later the Hemi returned and brought serious power without requiring any special packages or a premium price tag. Now anyone could have a hot truck. Then, from 2004 to 2006 Dodge built the craziest vehicle ever with a bed when they stuffed the Viper V-10 into a half-ton truck!

Trucks built this country and since the Dodge/RAM trucks are celebrating 100 years in 2017, we’re throwing them a party! Register your truck for the show field which has 23 different classes just for trucks. Register your Dodge or RAM truck for the show field via the first link below or if you’d like to be considered for the invitational display, use the second link. Good luck and thanks for your support.

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