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Drag racing was huge in the ‘60s and all of the OEMs were participating. It’s probably the factory involvement that made it the best time ever for the sport. The cars were tuned and modified by the individual teams but the overall packages came directly from the manufacturers. After the Max Wedge cars and the first round of Race Hemis came the 1967 Plymouth and Dodge Super Stockers commonly known as the “RO” and “WO” packages based on their respective VINs. The “R” represented the Plymouth Belvedere line and the “W” identified the Dodge Coronet model. The “O” was the price class which in this case was Super Stock.

The only obvious identifier on the outside was the relatively sleek hood scoop. The sole job of that scoop was to feed air to the 426 Race Hemi which lay directly underneath it. The other tweaks that were performed were done to reduce the car’s weight and/or shift it to the rear. Many of these cars went to the more famous drivers and teams of the era. Each team worked their mechanical magic, painted and lettered the car, then hit the track. The cars were quite successful. Combine that with their relatively low production numbers (about 50 of each) and the result is a valuable and highly sought-after Mopar.

An exclusive logo is being developed to pay tribute to this celebration. The cars themselves will be accompanied by cool banners, stickers and license plates that will incorporate our unique logo. Due to the popularity of these items for previous displays, a limited number will be available for purchase at the show.

Due to their rarity, there’s no need for a class for these cars on the show field. However, we are searching high and low for as many legit, original RO and WO cars as we can find for a special exhibit. To save us a little searching, if you have a factory RO or WO car (or if you know someone who does), we’d love to have it in our indoor display. Applying is simple and can be done online via the link below.

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