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Golden Commandos and Ramchargers to Reunite with 1964 Race Cars

For the first time in 50 years, the Ramchargers and the Golden Commandos will each be reunited with their race cars from 1964. The cars will be featured in the Autograph Tent on the Midway and will be joined by the original members of each team. The Commandos 1964 Plymouth was the first Super Stocker built and the only two-door hardtop with an aluminum nose. It was originally built as a Wedge but was converted to a Hemi. The Ramchargers’ 1964 Dodge was the first drag car to have a 426 Hemi and it was the prototype for other cars. It featured an altered wheelbase by moving the front wheels 3” and the rears 5”. The body was significantly lightened with aluminum sheet metal, thin Corning side glass, magnesium K-member and lightweight seats. Be sure to check out this once in a lifetime opportunity to see both teams reunited with their cars from ’64.
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