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Program Allows for FREE Exposure to Help You Sell Your Ride

Do you want to let thousands of enthusiasts know what you are selling in your car corral space at Carlisle? It doesn’t matter what show you’re attending, if you’ve purchased a car corral spot, we’ve got a cool opportunity for you. Carlisle Events is offering you additional FREE exposure via our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) to promote your presence at Carlisle.

The process is simple but does come with a few rules. First, e-mail no more than four (4) photos of your car to When you do, please be sure to tell us your name, vendor number, show or shows that you’ve bought car corral space for and the important details about your vehicle that you’re trying to sell. In addition, please share with us your car corral space number. If you aren’t sure of it, we’ll look it up for you. This way, when we post the photos, we can encourage guests to visit your space during the event.

Once we’ve confirmed everything matches up, we’ll post your photos. Photos will be posted only once by Carlisle Events and will ultimately end up in a photo gallery dedicated to the Social Media Showroom. Only one post per registered space though. That means if you own one car corral spot, you can share one set of photos. If you have secured two car corral spots, you can share two sets of photos, three spots/three sets of photos and so on. Again, you MUST be a registered car corral participant to take advantage of this offer and photos will be posted only on the show page related to your purchase and the general Carlisle Events Facebook page. Photos will be posted once a week in an album specific to this program and will ONLY be posted within a 14 day window prior to the show.

Thank you for your support and good luck selling your ride via the additional exposure provided by the Carlisle Events Social Media Showroom.

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