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The automotive flea market offers anything and everything an automotive enthusiast could want. Don't believe us? It's evident by our 2019 Vendor Listings. The 200+ spaces showcase parts, literature, services, new products, memorabilia items, tires, accessories, car care products, sheet metal, rubber & weather stripping, tools, collectibles and so much more. Space is limited and Auto Mania always sells out. If you are interested and will be selling at least 80% automotive merchandise, contact Carlisle Events today. To get on the waiting list for an indoor space or to reserve an outdoor space for just $60, give us a call now. In addition, no T-shirts, clothing, wax, tools, diecast, models or food will be accepted. For more information, contact us at 717-243-7855 or download vendor information located under “Forms & Flyers."
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