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Chrysler Nationals and Hurst Nationals Weekend Offers a Wide Array of FREE Seminars

Automotive Education and Trips Down Memory Lane Planned During Event Weekend
Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Starting July 13 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the automotive spotlight shines in a pair of events, the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals and Carlisle Hurst Nationals. Chrysler weekend runs July 13-15, while the Hurst event is July 13-14. Both events host rare and unique cars and both afford over 50,000 guests from around the world the chance to learn even more about the cars they love, while also taking a trip down memory lane. Some of the education comes from peer-to-peer conversations, while others come from industry experts. It’s those experts that make the weekend so unique. Nearly a dozen seminars/Q&A sessions are planned between the two events and break down as follows:

Chrysler Nationals
Dash and Heater Restoration from the Pros - Learn from the professionals, Mr. Heaterbox and Interior Restoration Services, how to restore your own dash and interior items, including wiring, instrument clusters, switches, steering columns and heater/ac units. Learn tips, techniques and basic how-to's that will help you in making your car not only look better but work as good or better than when it was new. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls, how to prevent potential dash wiring fire issues that concern many vintage Mopar owners and troubleshoot common problems.

Q&A and Stories with Herb McCandless - Herb McCandless is a true legend in the Mopar hobby and this session will help you with your technical questions by asking the man himself. Rather than spending an hour talking about random topics, Herb would rather have the audience ask him specific questions. Be sure to arrive early as Herb’s seminars fill up quickly.

Plymouth Road Runner Value Trends - The Plymouth Road Runner was an instant success and it’s just as popular today. It was actually produced for over a decade and engines ranged from the 225 Slant Six to the 426 Hemi. They could also be optioned as a bare bones muscle car or loaded to rival the GTX. Auto Appraisal Group will explain the current trends and values of the various years. AAG is a nationwide and certified appraisal group that can help you avoid an expensive mistake.

Chrysler Drag Program R&D - There was a time when the manufacturers had the biggest effect on performance at the track and the “independents” were always hoping to get their hands on that information, parts, etc. Not only were the Ramchargers supported by Chrysler, they were employees. That’s as close to the factory as you can get. Join the Ramchargers to learn exactly what made them so successful. This is the story of how they went about developing and testing the hardware necessary to get the job done.

Better Racing Through Chemistry - In the Golden Era of Drag Racing, brains were a big factor in going quicker and faster. Sure, it took money to race but this was really a time of innovation. Teams were reading between the lines of the rule books and trying to come up with new ways to beat the competition. The Ramchargers’ High & Mighty could probably be the poster child for mechanical wizardry, but the Golden Commandos had the brain of Ray Kobe. Ray found ways to improve their fuel and lubricants. Don’t miss this chance to hear these speed secrets directly from Ray and the rest of the Commandos.

Restorers’ Roundtable - Sit in with some of the best Mopar restorers in the business as they share their secrets...FOR FREE! Have you ever wondered what products the pros use? Do you want to know how they perform a certain procedure? If so, this is your golden opportunity to ask those questions and you get to ask them to an entire panel. These are literally the folks who restore the cars that appear in magazines or end up in high-end collections. Ask questions or simply sit and listen. Either way, don’t miss out.

3rd Gen HEMI Swaps - There’s no denying that the hottest trend in the Mopar world is 3rd Gen Hemi Swaps. But the reality for most of us is that the electronics might as well be brain surgery and even the mechanical side of it has some people confused. Catch a panel of experts who have performed this swap, from pros to Joes, and they’ve used a variety of methods. They’ll share tips that they’ve learned from doing it and answer your questions. If you’re even thinking about this swap, you need to attend. Trust us, you can do this!

Hurst Nationals
How to Get Your Car in a Magazine - Just about every car enthusiast wants to see his or her car in a magazine, or maybe in an online article. Rich Truesdell has been an automotive journalist and editor for more than 30 years so he knows a thing or two about the publishing world and what it takes to get your ride in print. Join Rich for his seminar where he will provide tips that can help you in your quest.

Hurst Employees Panel Discussion - There are lots of great stories in the automotive world but the best ones come right from the source. This is an extremely rare opportunity to hear from not just one or two, but an entire panel of former Hurst employees and engineers. These are the guys who were there during the glory days of the company. Sit in on stories about their time at Hurst, the projects they worked on and the other jobs they performed such as repairing Hurst shifters at the track between rounds. The current list of Hurst employees attending the show includes: Joe Barone, Marty Danko, Don Glover, Jim Kerr, Howard Maseles and Don Morton. The list keeps growing and additional names will be added as they are confirmed. One common theme among all of the Hurst employees is that they loved working for Hurst and they were one big family.

Additional activities and seminars may be added between now and event weekend. Complete details on both shows, a schedule, links to buy tickets or register to be part of either show are available now at or by calling 717-243-7855.

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