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The Concours at Carlisle Named Sponsor of Carlisle Events and Carlisle Auctions in 2018

All-New Lifestyle Community in Carlisle Taking Orders Now for Units
Monday, March 26, 2018

Carlisle Events purchased the former IAC/Masland/Leer property in the fall of 2010. This massive footprint sat less than 1 mile from the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, home of the largest classic and collector car events in the world. At the time, the purchase was consummated to assure sustainability for the company going forward. Taking possession of parking was THE main factor, as it was unknown at the time what would become of the IAC facility and its vast landscape if purchased by someone else. It was always known that something bigger and better would rise from the ashes of the devastating fire that brought the historic complex to the ground in 2012. Today, those plans are revealed in detail! Carlisle Events, Carlisle Auctions, the Miller families, Galbraith Pre-Design and NAI/CIR are pleased to announce the Concours at Carlisle. Not only is the Concours at Carlisle going to offer something new and unique to the north end of Carlisle, it’ll also be an event sponsor of Carlisle Auctions’ Spring Carlisle offering from April 19-21 at the Carlisle Expo Center. In addition, they are coming on board as a season-long sponsor for all other Pennsylvania based events on the Carlisle schedule.

Live where you play and play where you live; that’s the lifestyle afforded to residents of the Concours at Carlisle. The facility will be unlike anything in the region as it’ll be Pennsylvania’s first community of luxury auto collector condos. In short, this means having a layout ideal for a distinguished car enthusiast and the ability to come home to a spacious, climate-controlled garage with an interior mezzanine that overlooks the treasures within. In addition, home owners will be able to custom design their interior to best fit their interests from a personal and automotive stand point.

The facility will ultimately best serve the car collecting community while concurrently improving the Carlisle area; to this end, the Concours at Carlisle was conceived. Along with its conception came the partnership with Carlisle Auctions. Guests of the three-day auction can expect to see multiple levels of branding and representation from the Galbraith group. They’ll be on-site to take pre-orders for units, showcase renderings and answer any questions the 100,000+ guests from around the world who converge on Carlisle might have. Not only will they be at the Carlisle Expo Center, they’ll be within Guest Services of the Carlisle Fairgrounds for this event and many more on the season schedule.

“What better place than ‘CAR’lisle to have luxury car condos,” said Carlisle Events co-owners Bill and Lance Miller (no relation).

“Many people, including my wife, don’t totally understand the passion behind someone so entrenched within the automotive hobby that they’d buy such a place,” continued Lance Miller. “I often wonder myself, why do I enjoy the car hobby so much? Events like the ones we host in Carlisle showcase how car crazy people are and it’s not only because of the car but more importantly, it’s about the likeminded people behind the wheel of the car. I’m grateful for what my father and Bill created in 1974 and how that allows me and so many others to be a part of the hobby day in and day out, noted Miller (Lance).

“The upcoming luxury car condos will be an amazing addition to the Carlisle community and for all car lovers alike,” continued Miller (Bill). “It’s great that they will be locally built as well. Known as the Concours at Carlisle, this great facility will offer lifestyle living at its finest and not only is my wife Peggy and I excited to secure a unit, we know Lance and his wife Michelle are too. We can’t wait to see it all come together.”

“The Concours at Carlisle is an exciting opportunity for car enthusiasts and collectors to be part of an auto condo community which is the first of its kind in the northeast United States, noted Mark Galbraith, co-owner of Galbraith Pre-Design, Inc. “Having a conditioned and secured place to house one’s collection, as well as reside either full or part-time, gives collectors many options when visiting shows and auctions in the region. An exclusive community like this, in partnership with Carlisle Auctions and the Miller families, promises to enhance the collector car scene and experience in Carlisle, Pennsylvania; an experience limited (until now) to collectors in large metropolitan areas or racing communities,” continued Galbraith. “Being Carlisle natives with a rich history of development and construction in the region, we are proud to have teamed up with another Carlisle institution – Carlisle Auctions.”

Spring Carlisle and its partner auction get underway April 18. The five-day event spans April 18-22, with the auction running April 19-21. Complete details about Spring Carlisle, the auction and this awesome new lifestyle community that’s planned for Carlisle, Pennsylvania can be found online at

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Journalist note: Information about Carlisle Events, its event listings, auction offerings and the Carlisle Expo Center is available to journalists by phone:

Michael Garland
Public Relations Manager
717-243-7855 ext. 133

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