• 2012

    Allentown Auto Mania became the last new event announced by Carlisle Events in 2012. The weekend, which takes place each January in Allentown, Pennsylvania, had been run by Bill Miller III for many years. 2013 marked the first time that Pennsylvania's largest indoor swap meet was operated by Carlisle Events.

  • 2012

    After decades of automotive promotion, Carlisle Events announced a new non-automotive event. The Carlisle Sports and Outdoor Show were announced in August of 2012 with a 2013 launch. The weekend caters to anglers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. With a large facility at Carlisle, interactive family fun is the focus of the new weekend.

  • 2012

    This year proved to be a busy one for Carlisle Events as two additional events were added to the mix, Zephyrhills Fall and Winter AutoFest. These two events are similar to Spring and Fall Carlisle and take place near Tampa, Florida. With a strong snowbird population in the area, many guests are very familiar with the Carlisle Events name.

  • 2012

    On Good Friday 2012, Carlisle Events announced its first new specialty event in 10 years with the addition of the Bloomsburg Nationals in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. A car club and local hospital had previously run the event before being acquired by Carlisle Events. The weekend features cars of all makes, models, styles and eras.

  • 2012

    Carlisle Events had long produced its event directories in house, however; in 2012, a partnership was forged with American Collector Car magazine. The agreement sees ACC handle advertising aspects as well as printing, while Carlisle Events provides select content and layout. Select directories are also included with ACC mailings.

  • 2011

    In January of 2011, Carlisle Events forged a partnership with Auctions America. The deal would see Carlisle Events run its swap meet and car corral based Spring and Fall meets at Carlisle, while working to build and solidify events in Auburn, Indiana. In turn, Auctions America would run the two Carlisle based auctions as well as their own.

  • 2010

    In November of 2010, Carlisle Events purchased a 900,000 square foot facility adjacent to the Carlisle Fairgrounds. The property, known as the International Automotive Components Industrial Campus, or IAC, was used for storage, parking and various training early on. Long term plans were not set yet for the newly acquired property.

  • 2010

    Lance Miller became Co-owner of Carlisle Events, one of the world’s largest presenters of car, truck and motorcycle events. Lance Miller, who has served as Senior Manager of Carlisle Events since 2007, is fulfilling a life-time dream of his father’s, the late Chip Miller, by taking on the position.

  • 2007

    Three years after Chip Miller's passing, Bill Miller and Chip's wife Judy worked together to assure that the future of Carlisle Events remained in the family. During this period, Bill Miller III and Lance Miller were announced as the next generation of leaders. Lance and Bill III were both named partners and future owners of the company.

  • 2004

    Carlisle Events lost a founding father as Chip Miller passed away due to a rare disease known as Amyloidosis. Thousands within the local community and car community mourned his loss, with services held onsite. To date, a moment of revving is held as part of Chips most favorite event, Corvettes at Carlisle.

  • 2002

    Open Air enthusiasts rode to the Carlisle Fairgrounds in 2002 for the first time in masses for the brand new Carlisle Bike Fest. To date, the weekend features demo rides, exhibitions, a ride in bike show, music and of course bikes of all styles and eras. 2002 marked the first time that Summer Carlisle was branded in with the Bike Fest weekend.

  • 2001

    Much like their Mopar and Ford counterparts, GM lovers finally had a place to go for summer fun. In June of 2001, the Carlisle GM Nationals and Camaros at Carlisle took place for the first time. Not only was GM history showcased, but so was the brand's most popular muscle car, the Camaro.

  • The second year of the new decade also saw some shows co-branded in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Carlisle Events worked with the owners of a weekend there to co-produced the swap meet and antique aspects of the weekend, while the other group handled the car corral and auction. This was in 2001 and 2002, taking place February of those years.

  • Indiana was the next mid-western stop for Carlisle Events. A swap meet/car corral weekend took place in Evansville during the weekend of October 20-21. This one-year venture saw enthusiasts travel to the facility to buy, sell and trade all things automotive. It saved a trip to Carlisle and helped them find many similar pieces and parts.

  • 1999

    The success of swap meets at Carlisle lead to the creation of a pair of antique shows. These weekends were generally held in May (Spring event) and September (Fall event) and were non-automotive based. Technology evolved, however; and the antique show quickly became an antique itself. The final antique weekend at Carlisle was June 7-8, 2002.

  • Carlisle's first trip to the mid-west was for a handful of shows in Bloomington, Illinois. Once again, the weekends consisted of a swap meet and car corral. Spring and Fall Mid-West took place during May and September respectively and ran through 1999. The final time Carlisle traveled to Bloomington was September 10-12, 1999.

  • 1996

    A ground swell of momentum for a then unheard of hobby helped bring the Custom Compact show (now known as Carlisle Performance & Style) to Carlisle. Not long after, the Fast and the Furious movie franchise skyrocketed many of these cars into the mainstream. Today, the show is bigger and better than ever!

  • 1995

    One of Carlisle's younger shows is also one of its biggest. The Carlisle Ford Nationals held its first weekend in 1995 and is arguably the second largest specialty weekend on the schedule. Ford corporate is involved too, making the event a true Blue Oval celebration. The event gets bigger and better each year with the support of Ford and you!

  • 1991

    Father's Day weekend in 1991 saw action for the first time as Carlisle's third specialty event was born; the Carlisle Truck Nationals. This event was initially held in June before moving to August beginning in 2004. Truck weekend hosts trucks of all sizes, shapes and eras. Best of all, it's the most family-friendly event on the schedule.

  • Mopar mania finally had a place to run wild with the launch of the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals. Carlisle Events' fourth oldest specialty show has evolved into the largest all-Mopar event in the world. Since day one, cars representing the history of the brand have been onsite, plus industry guests, Hollywood Stars, and of course, our great customers.

  • 1990

    The ever-changing day-to-day aspects of Carlisle yielded a new name. In 1990, Carlisle Productions was born. The name change, in part, was made to better reflect that Carlisle (the company) did more than just host flea markets and swap meets. This name would remain for nearly 20 years. FYI - the original name was the Flea Marketers.

  • 1988

    For the first time ever, Carlisle Events went west for a show branded as Carlisle, California. The swap meet and car coral weekend took place in San Diego at Jack Murphy Stadium, the current home of the NFL's San Diego Chargers. This event took place just once, but saw a strong turnout of west coast enthusiasts.

  • 1986

    International and kit car lovers finally had a place to go annually to see the best from the world over. The first Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals became the second specialty event hosted at the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Even today, many of the same styles of car can be found onsite with a whole new generation of enthusiast supporting the event.

  • 1982-1984

    By owning the facility, Bill and Chip also continued the tradition of hosting the Carlisle Fair. Food, rides, games and more excited audiences for days on end.

  • 1982

    Chip Miller was known world-wide for his love of Corvettes, his Corvette collection, and for creating the largest Corvette show in the world, Corvettes at Carlisle, in 1982. The partners' first single marque show, Corvettes at Carlisle, was a success and became known as the great gathering spot of the fiberglass set. Today, Corvettes at Carlisle is the largest fun-filled Corvette event in the world!

  • 1981

    In the Fall of 1981, after renting the fairgrounds for Spring and Fall Carlisle events over the years, Bill and Chip Miller purchased the 82-acre property. Prior to the purchase of the fairgrounds, the Miller’s were unable to upgrade the grounds in terms of traffic control. The purchasing of the grounds allowed for new upgrades to be put in place.

  • 1980

    Summer Carlisle launched in 1980. The event took place during the final days of July and was a mid-year option for automotive enthusiasts looking to buy, sell and trade all things automotive. Summer Carlisle was a standalone event through 2001 and during the '02 and '03 seasons took place as part of Carlisle Bike Fest.

  • 1977

    Within a few years, the Carlisle Fairgrounds had become a mecca for collector car enthusiasts all over the world. The runaway success of what became known as Fall Carlisle Collector Car Swap Meet & Car Corral led to a similar Spring event in 1977. In short order, they became complete sellouts for vendor and car sale (or "car corral") spaces.

  • 1974

    On September 26, 1974, on the rented Carlisle Fairgrounds, "Post War '74" took place. It was the very first car event promoted by the company, The Flea Marketeers. In a year still remembered for gas lines and inflation, nearly 600 vendors set up in more than 800 spaces, and 13,000 spectators paid the $1 admission to sample their wares.


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